If you’ve decided it’s time for your elderly loved one to have in home health care in Phoenix, you have probably been thinking about it for a while. Most caring children start to notice little things first and wonder whether it’s time for in home senior care for their parents, even long before they start looking at home healthcare agencies. But the truly critical moment will be when you have the first conversations with your aging parent about home health aides.

Start Gently

You may be surprised by your aging parent’s response, if you approach the topic with care. Some people simply sit their parent down for a ‘talk’ and make it a serious conversation. Others mention it while doing something together like gardening or washing dishes. The first thing to do is to ask the question of your elderly parent: “Would you like having a home health aide come to the house?” Ask in the context of the realities of their life. When talking about medications or routine doctor’s visits, which can be frequent for some elderly patients, mention that you could accomplish a lot of this at home, without additional trips out, with in home senior care.

Be Honest and Firm

While you want your parent to know that you want their input, it’s also important to state your opinion clearly and honestly. Let them know that you would feel better if they had in home health care, or if a home health aide was checking in with them on a regular basis. Don’t let your parent brush off the idea by saying they don’t need help. Let them know you see that they don’t need help yet, but that it might be nice having someone around just in case. And remind them that this is an opportunity to find someone who likes their favorite game or activity.

Keep Them Involved

If you’re researching home healthcare agencies, be sure to include your elderly parent in the conversation. Bring a few brochures so they can see the range of options available to them. Bring materials that talk about the fun side of in home senior care in Phoenix. And make sure they get to meet home health aides that they might actually enjoy spending time with.

This isn’t going to be the easiest conversation you’ve ever had, but it might be easier than you’re expecting. The important thing is to start the conversation now.