To ensure the best opportunity for a strong bond between a home caregiver and a client, we identify and match the skills of our caregivers to the specific needs of our clients. To ensure the match will also provide those important intangible qualities such as companionship and trust. We also match the personalities of the caregivers with the expectations and desires of the client.

We conduct extensive background checks and skills assessments. It may surprise you to know that we neither solicit nor advertise to obtain home caregivers. We rely on our network in the caregiving industry to find compassionate and skilled caregivers. We believe that finding caregivers through referrals from others we know and trust is the best way to assure they are a fit for our services and our clients.

All our caregivers sign confidentiality agreements to protect your privacy. We become part of your life – both the family and the individual needing care – and in doing so we may become privy to information about the family and the individual. We strive to maintain the highest standards of privacy and confidentiality of everyone involved.

We have an extensive home caregiver list, so we are prepared for contingencies if they arise. Dependability is the cornerstone of our business.

Caregivers at Comfort Caregivers

Meet Some of Our Long-Time Caregivers

Meet Our Office Staff

comfort caregivers staff

Terry Mozek

Care Manager

As a Care Manager Terry is responsible for performing in-home assessments to assess the various needs of the clients to ensure the perfect match between the caregiver and client.  Terry performs scheduled and un-scheduled visits when caregivers are working with clients to ensure that all the required duties of the Care Plan are being followed. Terry has over 20 years in the home care industry and has held positions as a Care Manager, CNA Supervisor and Psychosocial Coordinator. Outside of the office Terry enjoys camping, fishing, puzzles, spending time with her grandchildren and volunteering helping seniors.

comfort caregivers staff

Valencia Pettis

Operations Manager

As Operations Manager Valencia performs the day to day functions within the agency, including billing, payroll and scheduling.  Valencia has been in the home care industry for over 6 years and has worked as a Direct Support/Personal Caregiver and a Program Coordinator working with disabled adults before coming to Comfort Caregivers. Her interests outside of work include music, singing, bowling, travel and family time.

Kaitlyn Sonny

Kaitlyn Sonney

Recruiting Manager

One of the most important jobs in our company is the Recruitment Specialist since we only hire the most qualified caregivers to work with our clients.  As a Recruitment Manager, Kaitlyn is responsible for conducting interviews, performing extensive background checks and ensuring all caregivers are up to date with their certifications.  Kaitlyn has been in the home care industry for over 5 years and has worked as a Caregiver for the elderly. When not working Kaitlyn enjoys hiking, traveling, organizing homes, being with her dogs and family time.