Have you started to notice changes in the way your elderly loved one is handling their household? Do they seem to be neglecting their medications, or have medications suddenly become more complicated to keep track of? Senior care homes in Phoenix offer peace of mind to family members as well as to senior patients who need private duty home care. But first you need to talk to your elderly family member about making changes to their life.

Critical Changes Can Be the Catalyst

Maybe your elderly family member can no longer drive but enjoys outings for meals or activities. Perhaps there’s a new medication regime that is challenging but critically important. If something has recently changed for your loved one, this may be the point when you branch the topic of senior care homes in Phoenix.

Make Life Easier

Come up with a few ways that a home care agency will make your loved one’s life easier. Be careful not to mention things that your loved one enjoys being responsible for. Let them know that you want this to be a change for the better for them.

Remind Them That it’s About You, Too

If not for their benefit, remind them that it is for you as well. You would feel more comfortable and confident if a home care agency is providing private duty home care. You believe it will improve your loved one’s quality of life as well as ensure someone with medical skills is checking up on them regularly. You want to be able to spend quality time with your loved one that is not dominated by questions about whether medications were taken and how often they go to the bathroom! Engage a bit of humor and compassion, as well as humility about what you want for your loved one.

Give Them Time

If your loved one is resistant, give them time. Do the annoying things, like bringing information about potential home care agencies. Let them know about other people who have private duty home care and enjoy their favorite hobbies with a new friend and companion. Let them know that you want them to be part of the process to choose the right senior care homes in Phoenix.

You may want to start the conversation casually, by noticing that your loved one’s life might be made easier with private duty home care. Or maybe your loved one is someone who needs a formal sit down to get the idea. Take your time and consider their feelings. It may not be easy, but eventually you’ll get to where you want to be.